Friday, October 2, 2009

#10. Image Generators

This was pretty fun. I've really only dipped my toes in so far, but I approached this exercise from a grad student's point-of-view with employment on the mind. How can I use these image-generators in a productive way while in a library position. I've been thinking much more about how I can sell myself and demonstrate my ideas, particularly since I work at a library (and have for a year) that might have a full-time job coming open in the area that I work in right now.

While talking with a co-worker today (one of the full-time workers), I discussed the prospect of doing outreach for ILL, which is my job. I've been brainstorming most of the day, and so inevitably I thought about my workplace. I thought it might be interesting to treat an academic library's holdings, or a public library's holdings, the same way that commercial markets treat their products, they advertise. And the best form of advertising is the tease. Thus, holding the release of DVDs for a big release DATE, might inspire interest and intrigue. This kind of thing could be done with the image of a calendar advertising a new service, such as DVD releases.

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