Tuesday, September 29, 2009

#8. Still waiting... RSS

on that confirmation email...

UPDATE: Finally I thought to check my spam email. There's something about retrieving something from the Spam folder. It's like the email has to prove itself past my sudden skepticism.

I did indeed figure out how to use RSS, to start with anyway. Before this exercise I'd already aggregated the websites I like to go to using the bookmark toolbar function on my mac computer. But this RSS feeder could potentially help me branch out a bit more. The browsing function is good in that way. My iTunes already aggregates my podcasts, so, it seems like it'd just get muddled to weave them into the news and cultural websites and blogs that I go to. I've sort of designed the RSS feed as a professional aggregator, infusing it with several library feeds, like Library Journal, Library Stuff, Librarian's Internet Index, The Shifted Librarian, etc. I'll need to do some more exploring, and I suspect that my next move will be to remove several feeds and build my way back up. I was thinking that the RSS feed wouldn't be that helpful when my computer can do the same thing, but if I'm working on a different computer... So it could have many uses and I'm looking forward to figuring those out.

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